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Infrastructure consulting services

Enterprise Installation Services

The base implementation service which includes site preparation assessment, verification and installation of the clients hardware, installation of OS, and base configuration.

Application Readiness Service

The Application Readiness Service is designed to allow a customers application to be installed into a final production ready state. The process involves collecting information about the requirements of the application -develops an agreed build specification. -Building a test plan to optimize manageability, availability, performance and security for the application. The final step is to execute the test plan and deliver The completed system.

Enterprise Migration

The Business Integrators Enterprise Migration service is services which enables migrating from a compatible platform i.e. windows UNIX, Linux to another platform which supports those operating systems Services address HP migration, AIX migrations, and UNIX and Windows infrastructure application migrations.

Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning

The Performance Analysis service is a collection of a variety of data points in customer systems ( e.g., CPU utilization, memory utilization and swap rates, disk I/O rates, wait time) and analysis of data, evaluating ways to improve performance using the customer’s existing hardware configurations, forming recommendations when additional hardware is required. The Capacity Planning service includes measurement of the growth potential of the customer’s current IT environment and identifies peripherals and servers potentially needed to meet future business requirements. A capacity planning model is developed considering the customer’s current operations and it servers as forecasting tool revels IT infrastructure growth paths, if required.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

The Business Integrators Business Continuity Planning service will analyze Customer’s business continuance plans and procedures and suggest improvements to meet business continuity objectives. This service also includes the assessment of current infrastructure supporting critical applications and the identification of potential gaps in alternate recovery locations.

Risk analysis and mitigation

Business Integrators would help enterprises adopt a pragmatic approach towards managing business and information risks, from network security to information integrity. It’s a custom service that involves customer interaction in order to identify the normal operations to enable Business Integrators team to identify track and mitigate potential risks.

Network Architecture

Business Integrators Network Architecture service will develop the design principles, physical configuration, functional organization, operational procedures, and data formats used as the bases for the design, construction, modification, and operation of a communications network. The service provide a study of structure of an existing communications network, including the physical configuration, facilities, operational structure, operational procedures, and the data formats in use. The end result will be a well defined proven Network architecture that can be given to any implementation team.

Storage Architecture

This service involves studying the current and future demand for storage for a particular organization in order to qualify the best storage solution. After the study is completed the Storage team would generate the desired Storage Architecture to server the Enterprise Architecture Plan to satisfy the rapidly changing business need.

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