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Enterprise Architecture

Domain Integrators provides Enterprise Architecture services with one goal in mind, achieving organization’s strategy and goals in the most effective way.

The architecture process addresses documenting and understanding the discrete enterprise structural components, typically within the following four categories:


  • Strategy maps, goals, corporate policies, Operating Model
  • Functional decompositions (e.g. IDEF0, SADT), capabilities and organizational models
  • Business processes
  • Organization cycles, periods and timing
  • Suppliers of hardware, software, and services


  • Application software inventories and diagrams
  • Interfaces between applications – that is: events, messages, and data flows
  • Intranet, Extranet, Internet, eCommerce, EDI links with parties within and outside of the organization


  • Hardware, platforms, and hosting: servers, and where they are kept
  • Local and wide area networks, Internet connectivity diagrams
  • Operating System
  • Infrastructure software: Application servers, DBMS
  • Programming Languages, etc..


  • Metadata
  • Data models: conceptual, logical, and physical

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