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Desktop Application Development

Domain Integrators desktop application development services enable businesses to find better ways of performing their day to day tasks/activities and handling large amounts of data/information most proficiently.

We offer desktop applications which find their use in a variety of areas and domains like for instance:

Designing and processing of databases

Business automation tools and other related services

Plugins to attach with any other existing application running on your system

We offer cutting-edge state of the art application development techniques to transform your business into a more profitable one

Our team has an extensive experience in desktop, web-based applications, client-server architecture in various industries and business such as Real Estate, Financial, Medical, Education, Legal, Energy, FMCG, Jewelry, Retail and more.

We offer desktop application development services using the following programming technologies

.Net technologies from Microsoft which include Visual Basic .Net and ASP.Net

Oracle for enterprise solutions

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Java for secure applications that can run on multiple platforms


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