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Business intelligence applications and technologies enable organizations to make more informed business decisions, and they may give a company a competitive advantage.

For example, a company could use business intelligence applications or technologies to extrapolate information from indicators in the external environment and forecast the future trends in their sector.

DomainIntegrators Consultants had helped enterprise organizations to gather and analyze large quantities of unstructured data, such as production metrics, sales statistics, attendance reports, call data records and customer attrition figures.

Utilizing various BI vendor technologies, to suit the demands of different sectors (retail companies, financial services companies, Telco’s and food manufacturing.).


Set benchmark and performance targets for the system

Plan data retention

Extracting transforming and loading a sufficient data capacity from existing information silos

Specify and implement different levels of user access to the data ‘warehouse’, depending on whether the user is a junior staffer, manager, or executive

Architect, design infrastructure requirements

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